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Coastal Sea Surface Temperatures

This application provides online access to sea surface temperature data for Australian coastal towns, cities and ports. Results are based on historical data and provide an estimate of average monthly temperatures.

Sea Surface Salinity data is also available for these towns.

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Temperature Map of Australia Brisbane Byron Bay Coffs Harbour Port Macquarie Newcastle Sydney Batemans Bay Eden Melbourne Devonport Hobart Portland Adelaide Port Lincoln Esperance Albany Perth Geraldton Carnarvon Dampier Broome Darwin Cape York Cairns Townsville Mackay Bundaberg

Source of Data

The data is a prediction of sea surface temperature based on data within a 1 degree latitude and longitude radius of the coastal town, therefore it will vary from real time data. Note that local environmental factors are not taken into account. For example, currents heavily influence the sea temperature along the eastern and western coasts of Australia. The data displayed has been extracted from the Generalized Digital Environment Model database.